Ampicillin Powder for Injection 0.5g/vial

Amoxycillin Suspension Injection 15%,20%

Analgin Injection 5%,30%,50%

Avermectin Injection 1%

Azithromycin Injection

Ceftiofur Sodium Powder for Injection 0.1g, 0.5g,1g,10ml/vial,4vials×20boxes/ctn

Ceftiofur Sodium Suspension Injection

Chloramphenicol Injection 10%

Closantel Sodium Injection 5%

Compound Vitamin B Injection 100ml

Contain:VB1: 1g, VB2: 0.1g, VB6: 0.1g, Nicotinamide: 1.5g

Dexamethasone Injection 0.1%,0.2%,0.4%

Dextriferron Injection 10%,20%

Diclofenac Sodium injection 5%

Diminazene Aceturate Powder for Injection (Berenil) 1g

Diminazene Aceturate+Antipyrine Granular for Injection 1.01g+1.35g, 10.1g/13.5g

Doramectin Injection 1%

Enrofloxacin Injection 2.5%,10%,20%

Florfenicol Injection 20%.30%

Flunixin Meglumine Injection 5%,

Gentamycin Sulfate and Analgin Injection 15,000IU+0.2g per ml

Gentamycin Sulfate Injection 5%,10%,20%

Ivermectin Injection 1%,2%

Kanamycin Sulfate Injection 5%

Levamisole Hydrochloride Injection 5%,7.5%,10%

Lincomycin Injection 10%

Lincomysin and Spectinomycin Injection 15%+10%

Lysozyme Powder for injection 80,000IU,25ml/vial,10vials×12boxes/ctn

Maquindox Injection 2%

Morpholin Bigvanidin Injection 5%

Norfloxacin Lactate Injection 2%

Oxytetracycline Injection 5%,10%,20%

Penicillin Potassium (Sodium) Powder for Inj.



Procaine Penicillin G and Dihydrostreptomycin Sulfate for Inj 20/20,20/25

Procaine Penicillin G and Neomycin Suspension Injection 200,000iu:10%/ml

Ribavirin Injection 2%

Sodium Selemite and Vitamin E Injection 0.1%+5%

Streptomycin Sulfate Powder for Injection




Sulfadiazine Sodium Injection 33.3%,20%,40%

Sulfadimethoxine Sodium Injection 10%

Sulfadimidine Sodium Injection 10%

Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim Injection 200mg/40mg,400mg/80mg

Sulfamethoxine and Trimethoprim Injection 10%+2%

Sulfamethoxydiazine and Trimethoprim Injection 12%,24%

Tiamulin Injection 10%

Tylosin Injection 5% ,10%, 20%

Vitamin B1Injection 2.5%

Vitamin C Injection 10%