Vitamin AB2D3K Feed Premix

Dinitrolumide 25% Animal Feed Premix

Combination Of Herbal& Mineral Toxin Adsorbents / Toxin Binder

Vitamin E And Selenium Premix

Maduramycin Ammonium 1%W/W Premix

Furazolidone 20% Feed Additive

Vitamin E Acetate 50% Powder

Diclazuril Graulated 0.5% Premix

Vitamin AD3EC Oral Liquid

Vitamin E And Selenium Liquid Oral

Cyromazine 1% W/W Animal Feed Additive

Lincomycin 4.4%W/W Animal Feed Premix

Salinomycin Sodium Micro Granulated 12%

Salinomycin Sodium Powder 12%

Chlorotetracycline 15% W/W Feed Grade

Vitamin B Complex Liquid Concentrate Animal Feed Supplement


Highly Effective Antibacterial Soluble Powder

Double Strength – (Poultry Feed Supplement B-Complex Powder)

Poultry Feed Supplement

Vitamin 'E' Potentiated With Selenium

Minerals Carbohydrates Electrolyte Poultry Feed Concentrate

Vitamin Mineral Feed Supplement For Poultry And Livestock